Columbus man clings to life, sister searches for answers

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus woman is reaching out for the community's help to find three men she thinks are responsible for leaving her brother fighting for his life.

"He's in intensive care now and we're not sure whether he's going to make it or not," said Peggy Hesch.

She is searching for answers and trying to find out who beat her brother, 52 year old David Contat, outside his Ashley Station Apartment, "He told him three black males beat him up with what he thought was a bat and that he couldn't fight his way off, couldn't get away from them and they left him for dead."

Contat is currently in critical care at the Medical Center, suffering from cuts and bruises, broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Hesch told News Leader Nine, "He was beaten so badly that they had to get his lungs fixed so he could breathe again."

According to police reports the family filed, the assault took place January 17th. Contat describes the suspects as three black males, one wearing gold chains, and they hit him with a heavy object outside his home.

Hesch says David is trained to serve and protect, but he couldn't protect himself, "He was military for 27 years, he lived for our country, he fought fires, he was a paramedic."

Now his family just wants Contat to recover, and the suspects to pay for their crime.

"I want the three people this to my brother found. I want people to watch and I want anybody that has any information that can help find them, please," Hesch cried.

If you have information you are asked to call Columbus Police at (706)653-3400.

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