Michael Curry Hearing

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - The man accused of killing his wife and children with a bush ax in 1985 was back in a Columbus courtroom today.

Michael Curry's attorneys are seeking more evidence for his defense, while they also argue for his constitutional rights.

During the hearing, three Columbus Police officers, including current Chief Ricky Boren, answered questions about the crime scene on Rockhurst Drive and Michael Curry's demeanor before, during and after questioning on the night of the murders.

They described a hysterical Curry, who only calmed down once he was put in handcuffs.

He was, according to police, never arrested.

That is a point of contention by the defense, as they argue Curry was arrested that night and his defense has been impaired because of it.

Since no indictment was issued for 24 years, his right to a speedy trial, according to his attorneys, has been impeded.

Another argument made by the defense on Wednesday, why had three previous District Attorney's refused to bring charges against Curry for the murders?

The defense is also looking for further evidence from the state --- an alleged confession to the murders by an escaped mental health patient named Jeffrey Blacker, a palm print taken from the crime scene, an FBI profile of the murderer and more audio recordings and paper receipts.

Chattahoochee Judicial Cirucuit District Attorney Julia Slater agreed to provide all evidence as the disclosure process is on-going.

Superior Court Judge John Allen will rule on the two constitutional provisions after both sides file briefs within the next three weeks.