MCSD: Schedule adjustments are not furlough days

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After Saturday's board retreat of the Muscogee County School District, a new schedule adjustment was released that will reduce the number of days employees are paid.

School district communications director Valerie Fuller said these days will not be called "furlough" days because they are considered to be a "calendar/work schedule adjustment."

Here is a portion of the release from the Muscogee County School District:

"We discussed how to deal with the Governor's announcement concerning the withholding of three additional days of salaries for educators plus another one and a half percent cut to educational funding. The proposal taken to the Board for consideration includes reducing the school calendar by three days.

For traditional, those three days would be April 1, April 2, and April 30.  Since April 1 and 2 are instructional days for the students and we must make up the time missed, the school day would be lengthened by ten minutes at the end of the day beginning February 22 through the end of this school year.

Year Round School off days would be March 18, March 19 and May 28th.

These are not furlough days.  It is a calendar/work schedule adjustment.

This proposal will be taken to the Board for a formal vote at the February Board meeting.

The reduction in the number of days employees will be paid will begin to be subtracted from payroll checks beginning in March, 2010 in order to stretch out the deduction in as many months as possible.

We thank employees for their continued dedication to the education of our students in spite of the current economic situation."

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