Security beefed up for Carlton Gary's hearing

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As people entered The Government Center Monday morning, the routine was anything but normal.

No one was exempt from being checked at the medal detectors, not even the UPS delivery guy.

All packages had to go through the conveyer belt. Upstairs, on the 11th floor, a metal detector was placed outside the elevators leading to the courtroom.

Sheriff John Darr, who was away attending a conference today, says the plan has been in the works since December."

"We're not only looking for the welfare of people but to make sure Carlton's Gary's rights were carried out as well and the officers. Anything could happen, so we prepare for the worse."

Outside the government center moments before Gary arrived, the east wing gate closed only letting cars out -- not in.

Gary arrived in this white van from the west end -- his entrance into the building was very quick.

"Everything went well, no hitches in the plan, it was executed according to our plan," added Darr.

Sheriff Darr says he used his existing staff to beef us security placing armed guards at all entrances to ensure everyone's safety.

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