Victoryland Atty: 5,000 Alabamians out of work because of Gov. Riley

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

MACON COUNTY, ALA (WTVM) - As Victoryland employees filled the Macon County courthouse on Saturday to receive paychecks, Mark White, attorney for Victoryland, released a statement regarding the plight of those who are now out of work.

Statement from Victoryland Attorney Mark White:

"As Alabama families go to church on Sunday we ask them to pray for the more than 5,000 Alabama families who lost their job this week due to actions by Governor Bob Riley and his so-called anti-gambling task force.

"Almost every Alabama family is hurting right now. The 5,000 people who have lost their job in the past week because of Governor Riley's political agenda want to work and provide for their families. To the governor this is a political issue, but to these families it is the difference between being able to pay rent, buy groceries, pay doctor bills and provide the other basics needed for their family to survive.

"In Macon County, almost 80% of the citizens voted to allow electronic bingo which is clearly legal. Unfortunately, the only winners from the actions of Governor Riley are the casinos in Mississippi who are supporting and funding his efforts at every turn.  The losers are the 5,000 Alabamians who have lost their jobs and all of the people of Alabama who are being denied the right to vote on this issue once and for all."

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