Businesses boom on Super Bowl Sunday

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Super Bowl Sunday is an important sporting even to lots of fans, but to many businesses it means lots of extra cash.

News Leader Nine discovered how the big game has meant booming business around the valley.

"When big games are happening, about an hour or so before the game we get called in orders," Marco's Pizza employee Corey Parker said.

Of the food people choose to eat while watching the Super Bowl, wings and pizza seem to take the cake.

"It's an all-American thing. People want pizza with their beverages and football," Parker told News Leader Nine.

That's why employees at Marco's Pizza put in some extra time in as preparation for the big game.

Parker explained, "We'll get in 30 minutes or an hour earlier and do three more batches of dough or two or three cartons of everything else so we don't run out of product."

Willy T's in Columbus even made special hours for football watchers to order food. The restaurant's Operating Partner, Matthew O'Brien said, "We're not open on Sundays. Super Bowl Sunday is the only Sunday we're open and this is the third year we're doing this."

And it seems their hard work is paying off.

O'Brien said the employees were going full speed all day, "Very busy. Phones are ringing off the hook since we got here. We already have a couple thousand wings going out, a couple thousand in the fryers ready to go."

But food services aren't the only businesses booming during this time. Furniture stores have actually seen more people walk through the doors this weekend.

Denny Sproule is a manager at the Rooms to Go Outlet and tells News Leader Nine, "We can't keep TV Carts in stock so I'm sure people are getting TV's some place. All of our living room sets, as soon as they bring them in the back door, they head right back out with people buying them."

Most of the people we spoke to got off work in time to watch the Super Bowl, and they were glad to make some extra money before kick-off.

"It's going to mean really good sales. We'll probably do half a week's worth of sales in just a few hours today," added O'Brien.

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