Shorter Commute in Phenix City

PHENIX CITY, AL (WXTX) - Phenix City drivers can look forward to shorter waits at red lights along Broad Street.

The city is installing new vehicle detection loops.  These are the magnetic wires that tell the light you are waiting for it to turn green.

During the Broad Street Beautification Project the magnetic wires that trigger the stop lights were cut and the city has had some complaints.  Angel Moore, City Engineer, says, "A lot of people have been complaining lately because the traffic loops have been cut."

Thanks to a grant from HUD and lower than expected bids, the city was able to move forward with replacing them sooner rather than later.

"We estimated it to be around $56,000, but bids came in lower at $37,000, so by getting this grant the city was able to go ahead and put it in and we can have a contractor do it more professionally and more quickly than what we could do in house."

The city expects the project to be finished by mid week and that means fewer traffic delays. "So you won't actually have to go through the entire cycle if there is no oncoming traffic it will let the traffic signal know and it will go ahead and cycle through and change," explains Moore.

And, because the bids were lower than expected the city has money left over from the grant to continue improvements.  A few parking lots have already been paved and residents can look forward to more Christmas decorations next year.