Tax forms help Georgians donate to elders and youth

Press Release:

ATLANTA (GA) – It takes just five seconds for taxpayers to deliver a hot meal, give a ride, or nurture a child by donating to the Georgia Fund for Children and Elderly on 2009 tax forms.  Donations are tax-deductable, and every dollar supports meal deliveries for homebound elders, transportation to senior centers and doctors' appointments, and grant programs to serve children with special health, educational, and emotional needs.

"Right now, many Georgians are struggling every day to just get by.  We can make a major difference in many of those lives by making a donation to the Georgia Fund for Children and Elderly through our income tax returns," said Dave Statton, Interim Director of the Georgia Department of Human Services Division of Aging Services.  "Please check your contribution off, knowing how important it will be to so many."

Donating a dollar or more is simple and quick.  The checkbox for the Georgia Fund for Children and Elderly is conveniently located on line 28 of Georgia Income Tax Form 500 and on line 11 of Form 500ez.  Participants can also donate at payment time by adding dollars to their check and indicating how much they are contributing to the fund.

Last year, taxpayers voluntarily contributed $176,669 to the Georgia Fund for Children and Elderly.  Half of the donated funds went to the state's 12 Area Agencies on Aging, and the other half supported grants for organizations serving special-needs children.

Source: Georgia Department of Human Resources