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Be There: Picking Out Clothes

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Teaching your children how to dress themselves is only one hurdle for most parents. Getting them to pick out there own clothes is another. News Leader Nine found how one family slipped in that very lesson.

The family in this week's "Be There" was just looking to save some time as everyone got ready for school or work in the morning, but they quickly learned their rushing could turn into a teachable moment.

Angela Drakeford said, "I always wanted my children to be able to make their own choices early on. So when it came down to clothes, I noticed they weren't interested in wearing what I wanted. They were wearing the same clothes all the time so I thought -- I have a trick for this."

Instead of making her children wear what she said each morning, Angela Drakeford gave her daughters five different options, "I started giving them the choice. Once they started doing that, they were happy to pick their own clothes until the end of the week."

"I started getting smarter and would leave the cuter outfit for Friday and wear the not-so-cute outfit on Monday," added her daughter Jessica Drakeford, who is a senior at Shaw High School..

Jessica also got smarter when it came to how she prepared for the elements that day, "I would pay attention more. If it was raining I wouldn't wear a cute skirt or a dress, I'd put on rain boots or something like that."

Jessica's father, Dexter Drakeford told News Leader Nine, "As they got older they realized this doesn't go with this or look at the weather and change their clothes choice for the day."

They may have resisted at first, but eventually the girls did learn more than just good fashion sense.

Jessica said, "Now I understand it was to help me with my decision-making now because it has helped me."

Angela Drakeford added this life lesson is really going to come in handy down the road, "I think it's about the choices you make, at the end of the day, determines the circumstances you're going to have to deal with. It's not always easy but if you start early enough and you plan properly, in the end you're happier and things end up better."

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