Attempted murder defendant sends letter to WTVM

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL. (WTVM) News Leader 9 is sharing exclusive details of a letter sent to us by attempted murder suspect, Noah White. White goes to trial this month for seven counts of attempted murder, stemming from a shootout with deputies and police officers back in 2008.

Deputies were responding to a domestic dispute call when the shootout began. One deputy, Shannon Rollins, spent several months in the hospital, recovering from his gunshot wounds.

White, was also injured in the shooting.

Tonight, news leader nine is sharing with you a letter the defendant sent to our Elizabeth white. The letter from Noah White to News Leader nine is dated February 3rd, 2010. From his cell at the Chambers County Jail, White writes he is ready for trial on the 22nd.

White said he has written an opening statement for his trial and included a copy in his letter to WTVM. White said he is asking Judge Steve Perrymen if he can present it himself to the jury. If given the opportunity White wrote to us what he would say, in part,  to a jury of his peers.

"Today I am once again fighting for my life. I am fighting the Chamber County Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney. During the duration of my trial you will see that I am not guilty of attempted murder and that this all could have been prevented if the sheriff's deputies would have done their proper job on the night of September 21st, 2008. Law Officers acted reckless and untrained from the start to the finish of the event. I want my freedom back! And if Justice is served and you give my freedom, I will run for Sheriff of Chambers County. If I am elected I will get our officers the proper training they need to make sure that what happened to me never happens again."

The letter to News Leader 9 is signed simply, Noah White, Inmate and Candidate for Sheriff of Chambers County.

We asked Chambers County Sheriff Sid Lockhart to respond to white's allegations. We were told in an effort to protect a potential jury pool the sheriff had no comment. Meanwhile, now word yet on if the judge will allow White to do his own opening. The district attorney in the case says it's unusual, but it has been done before. However he would object, simply because White does not have a law degree.