Gosh, my baby is crying...students become parents for a day

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - More Carver High School students now know firsthand why they don't want to become a parent too soon. The Future Business Leaders of America or FBLA student organization sponsored a community service project called, "Baby Boom, A Rising Epidemic."

The students experienced firsthand what it's like to be a parent by actually caring for a baby doll that's programmed to do everything a real baby does, like cry and burp.  They even had to change their diapers and feed the infant.

Shanel Anderson says she felt embarrassed. "It teaches you a lot of responsibility, when you're in class and you're all into your work, all of a sudden the baby starts crying not only do you have to see what's wrong with the baby, your class mates are looking at you and saying why is your baby crying."

The 11th and 12th graders also acted out the message through a play. You could see the frustrations on their faces as Tatyanna Cowling tried to convince her two boyfriends that they both were the baby's daddy.

Ayannie Thomas, FBLA Student President believes their mission was accomplished by the student's response to the project.  "They feel that by us doing this play and doing the other activities really made a huge impact on their life to help them decide what they wanted to do in the future."

It's not just the girls who are getting the message, according to Joe Smith. "It showed me that is not good for teenagers to get pregnant and make the wrong decisions and you shouldn't listen to your friends you really should be your own person."

The students carrying the babies were monitored.  Reports showed at least 2 of the 5 babies were is were abandoned.

Using the reality of childbearing through being a parent for day, FBLA is hoping the trend among teens will change. According to FBLA,The State of Georgia ranks 8th in the nation for teen pregnancy.

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