Should you brush straight on or at an angle

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14 year old Devan Miller's mom makes sure he keeps his regular dental visits.  Jennifer Miller says she knows the importance of oral care.  "I think regular check- ups are important. My kids get two cleanings each year, with Devan, he's had some health issues that's why he had braces."

Devan has progressed from braces to retainers. "I think I should have brushed them a little bit more when I was little instead of playing around and stuff. But, I'm doing good now."

Dr. Miller takes care of Devan's teeth.  Besides the routine brushing at an angle, for younger kids, he recommends parents clean their teeth at least once a day until age four or five.  And if you don't have fluoride in your water which helps strengthen your teeth, you might want to get some.

"If you're in outlining counties, you need to get fluoride water in your home, so any people that are out in the county I recommend it.

Dr. Miller also recommends Sonicare electronic tooth brushes. He says it should cost you about $100 and should last a while. He says he's had his for the last three years.

To prevent tooth decay, Dr. Miller says, sealants, a plastic material that goes over permanent teeth will protect those areas where cavities tend to grow.

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