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Eufaula Historic District to expand?

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EUFAULA, ALA (WTVM) - A proposed initiative in Eufaula, Alabama has some residents up in arms.

The proposal would expand the city's famed historic district...but the opposition says there's an alterior motive to the idea.

One Eufaula citizen says the historic Alabama town is in for a historic fight.

We hid his face and altered his voice on television because he fears he may lose his job in this small town, if exposed.

"What kind of world do you have to live in where you can't trust your neighbors? I think they do that in communist China, in Russia, but to live in Eufaula, Alabama and say I can't trust my neighbors? Why can't I trust my neighbors?" he said.

He's concerned about a proposal by a group of Eufaula citizens to annex 142 parcels of land into the city's historic district.

It sounds innocent enough, but he says nothing about the proposed expansion is historic.

Also, he says the group is trying to muddy the waters, telling voters if they pass the proposal, it would prevent a low income housing project from being built.

But there are questions about the housing project...and whether it is part of the expansion at all.

"If they are not trying to stop Deerfield, then what is the big rush in getting us in the district. Why do they have to do it right away, right now, it's gotta be done?" he said.

Eufaula Mayor Jay Jaxon says the possible housing project, known as Deerfield Place, has nothing to do with the proposed expansion.

"There is a great deal of opposition of this proposed apartment complex. In fact, other than the developers, I've not heard anybody in favor of it, but that doesn't have anything to do with the expansion of the historic preservation district," Jaxon said.

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