Preparations for Snow Day 2010

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Across the Valley crews are standing by and at the ready.  A mix of salt and snow is all loaded up and ready to hit the roads.  Snow preparations have begun in Columbus and throughout Georgia.

The Columbus Public Services Department workers are on call and ready for the winter weather.

"We're on standby 24/7 anyway, the whole department, as crews get called in and if it gets overwhelming then we'll start calling in other people from the department. And, if it takes the whole department we'll have 420 people here shoveling snow with shovels or whatever it takes to accommodate what we need to do," says Director of Public Services, Gary Sickles.

It's the uncertainty of the weather that makes their job hard.

Plus, because our area doesn't see winter weather often, equipment is lacking.

"Since we don't really have snow removal equipment we mainly try to handle icy spots," Ron Smith, the Deputy Director of Columbus Public Services told News Leader Nine.

Four trucks are loaded with salt to melt the snow and sand to help with traction.

The Columbus Public Works Department will hit the main roads first and concentrate on bridges and overpasses when the snow starts.

Public service officials say the best advice it to stay home, "You can look at the snow from your yard as well as you can throughout the rest of the city, don't drive around if you don't have to," advises Ron Smith.

People we caught up with say they plan on staying put.  Dennis West, from Ft. Benning, said, "I don't plan on being on the roads tomorrow cause I know some people might try to get out and there will be a lot of accidents." And, Kathy Tanner went to Publix to load up on supplies, "last time it missed us and this time I'm hoping it doesn't, I'd like to get a snowman out of this one."

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