Snow Day 2010 Booming Business

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The roads were mostly empty Friday night.  People were worried about the road conditions as temperatures began to drop.

When I asked Columbus resident Tammy Margerum if she believed the weatherman when he said it was going to snow, she said, "Absolutely not."

"I really was surprised, I was not expecting it to snow like it did last year this much, but it really shocked me, I wasn't expecting it," said Kimi Edwards, Columbus resident.

But, the snow did come.  For some, that meant a trip to the store to stock up.  Entertainment and food were tops on their list.

Hot chocolate flew off the shelves at Publix.  And at Blockbuster, we saw movies rented out left and right.

For these stores, the weather means big business.

Blockbuster Assistant Store Manager Louise Webb. "It's been overwhelming, whenever its bad weather they tend to just come right in, I've had lines of people all day."

And, at Publix, "They want to get in here and get their staples, their milk, their bread, a little bit of frozen pizza, things that will tide them over, comfort food, comfort food for the cold weather," says Assistant Store Manager Christy Gomez.

For those people who didn't grab a frozen pizza, it was delivery. And, Dominos was ready for twice the normal amount of Friday deliveries.

Brandon Carver, Dominos Assistant Store Manager, said, "we were here a whole hour and a half earlier, prepped everything we had and we're still prepping and we're going to keep on prepping."

Once the sun went down and temperatures dropped, people decided to stay inside and enjoy the winter wonderland from home.  "We will watch some movies, drink hot chocolate, and just try to enjoy the snow while we can," says Edwards.

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