Special Report: Meth in East Alabama

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL (WTVM) -  Chambers County Drug Task Force agents say as soon as they clean up one meth lab, they find another.

On average they're finding a lab a day - about 70% of arrests made by the Drug Task Force is related to meth.

Task Force Commander Mike Parish says Alabama's October 2005 law limiting the sale of pseudoephedrine to 6 grams in 30 days, is leading them to the labs.

Pharmacies log the names and addresses of people who have over purchased pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in meth, at local drug stores.

Agents say the logs are like roadmaps to the labs.

They simply knock on doors and talk with the folks buying the pills, like Donald Tapley.

After getting a consent to search his home, agents find meth, marijuana, and a shake and bake meth lab.

Handcuffed, Tapley denies he was about to make meth, but admits to his 2 year meth addiction.

Sadly, at most every knock and talk, our cameras find young children, seemingly caught in the middle.

Donna Abney says her son Jonathan, was a violent user. Abney says the children were neglected, and abused while her son Jonathan lost control, obsessed with his addiction. DHR removed the children from the home, and awarded custody to Donna.

Then, in November of 2007, Jonathan's meth making and use came to an explosive end. Jonathan was cooking dope in West Point, Georgia, when the lab blew up.A month later, he died in an Atlanta burn unit.

Abney added, she struggles every day with what to tell her three young grandchildren about their father.

Donna says she never spoke to her son about drugs or alcohol.

She says won't make that mistake with her grandkids.

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