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Be There: Compliments Only

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Many times we forget just how far a kind word or two can go and it's often easy these days to forget to stay positive and share a few kind words with others.

One Muscogee County school is teaching their students how to pay compliments, and they hope the lesson will follow them home.

In an effort to encourage positive attitudes throughout the building, Fort Middle School hosted "Compliments Only Week".

Fort Middle School 8th grade student, Andrew Franks said, "This week is about respecting and almost admiring everybody and just not putting people down and lifting them up and saying nice things to them."

By weeding out the insults among students, teachers are forcing kids to focus on good qualities in each other.

"Students in middle school tend to put each other down. We're focusing on the positive and not the negative with compliments only. "hey, you have nice shoes", we're focusing on that," said the middle school's graduation coach David Colbert.

The idea for this week started nationally after a middle school student committed suicide because he was being bullied.

8th grader Gloria Stevens told News Leader Nine, "You never know what people may be going through at home or outside these walls and if we're the ones complimenting and encouraging them, we could change their lives."

Even the faculty has to get in on the action by spreading compliments to students and co-workers. Art teacher Frances Spencer added, "As a teacher, I have to watch what I say because not knowing it, I might say something or infer something when I've had to say something over and over again, so I have to check myself. As adults, it's never too late to learn."

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