MCSD 2009-2010 Calendar Revised

Columbus, GA - The Muscogee County School District (MCSD) 2009-2010 calendar now reflects a work schedule adjustment for an additional three (3) days off for all employees.  The decision comes after careful consideration by the Board of Education as recommended by the Superintendent.

"This is not an easy thing to vote yes for," said Board member Brenda Storey.

School districts across Georgia feel the budget impact.  In January 2010, Perdue announced that he is withholding an additional three (3) days worth of salaries from school districts and amended the FY 2010 budget to reflect savings associated with six (6) days.  As a result, the MCSD has implemented a work schedule adjustment aligned with the additional three (3) day reduction recommended.

The MCSD 2009-2010 work schedule adjustment days are as follows:

Traditional Calendar Three (3) Days
April 30, May 21, May 24

Year-Round Calendar Three (3) Days
February 12, April 30, June 10

The additional three (3) days off, without pay, impacts all MCSD employees.

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