Lee County burglaries

Press Release

LEE COUNTY, GA - The crimes of burglary and theft are two of the most often reported offenses to law enforcement. Residential burglaries are usually committed during the daylight hours when homes are unoccupied and the chances of a witness observing the crime are reduced. The Lee County Sheriff's Office is conducting investigations into numerous burglaries and thefts that have occurred since the first of the year. Burglars have struck in all communities of Lee County with the Beauregard area having suffered several break-ins in the last couple of weeks. The Sheriff's Office has arrested fourteen (14)  persons ( 12 males and 2 females including 1 juvenile) during this period. These persons, ranging in age from 16 to 57, are charged with multiple counts of Burglary and Theft in connection with residential burglaries in the Opelika, Salem, Smiths Station, Phenix City, Beulah and Beauregard areas.

Two individuals have outstanding warrants and are identified as Geena Elizabeth Blanton (29) of Phenix City charged with Theft of Property 2nd  and Machelle Cherri Jahn (45) of Five Points in Chambers County charged with Burglary 3rd and Theft 3rd .  A third individual, Christopher Lee Moore (20) of Columbus, Georgia is being held in the Muscogee County Jail in Columbus awaiting extradition to Alabama on Lee County Burglary and Theft warrants. These arrests can be credited to cooperative efforts among the various area law enforcement agencies and the involvement of citizens by calling in information to law enforcement agencies or the Crime Stoppers Tip lines in the east central Alabama / west central Georgia area. Some tips to reduce your exposure to burglary and theft are listed below. We encourage the public to consider these tips and work with their local law enforcement agencies to prevent and reduce these type crimes taking place in our communities.

1) Secure windows and doors with locks

2) have adequate exterior lights that light the area around your home

3) Consider an alarm installation

4) Record /document and photograph all items of value

5) document model and serial numbers of all items of value

6) Know your neighbors/ be familiar with vehicles in your neighborhood

7) Check with your local Law Enforcement agency on the Neighborhood Watch program

8) Report suspicious activity ( persons and vehicles) to law enforcement

9) Write down tag numbers and persons descriptions to provide to law enforcement

Source: Lee County Sheriff's Office