Meet BonTavia Ramsey and Farish Anderson

Meet BonTavia Ramsey and Farish Anderson

Most love stories are breath taking or spectular; furthermore, imitate a dream or fairy tale. They are desires most people long for and wish upon.

Our love story is none of the above, making it not ordinary at all. However, love is our story that defines its real meaning. True love is hard to find and everything that is perfect may not be what it seems. Our love story really demonstrates how two people can last during it all. We have faced challenges in our relationship which have strengthened us in the last five years. Bearing all obstacles placed in our paths and overcoming them shaped us into the righteous couple we are today.

Our relationship began in 2005, while we were seniors in high school. We started this journey not knowing the love we would develop for each other.

At the age of 18, JR Anderson joined the Army to better his life and our future. While serving in combat for 15 months in Iraq our long distance relationship was a challenge in many ways.

Looking back over the years have revealed how we embraced and grown with one another. Sharing this special moment with our community is imperative to us. We want to show the community that "normal" couples can have miraculous life changing events happen to them as well. We want to convince them that not all young marriages will fail. All young adults are not always doing and focusing on the wrong things. There is no one else we want to experience this moment with but family, and we are very grateful for this opportunity.