Man shows up at hospital with bullet hole in leg

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A local man is recovering after officials say he showed up at the hospital with a bullet wound through his leg.

According to investigators with the Russell County Sheriff's Office, the man says he was driving from Opelika on Highway 169 toward Highway 80 early Tuesday morning.

When he was in Crawford, he tells police he passed another car and when he did, the driver flagged him down. When he got out of his car, the victim says the other driver shot him in the leg.

Authorities say the bullet went straight through his leg and he drove himself to the Columbus Regional Medical Center.

Police say the victim did not want to prosecute and signed a report.

Russell County officials say they are forwarding the information to Columbus investigators to see if the incident is at all related to a shooting late Monday night at a liquor store.

The victim in that case, 47-year-old Daniel Kaplan, tells police he was parked in his mom's 2005 Mercedes in front of the 30th Avenue Package Store on Victory Drive around 10:30 PM when a man approached him, pointed a black hand gun at him and told him to give him his money.

Kaplan says he told the gunman he didn't have money and grabbed a GLOCK from under the car seat.

When the suspect started punching him in the face, Kaplan says he pointed his gun at him and started to shoot at him.

Officials say blood was found at the scene but the suspect ran away and they've been looking for anyone with gunshot wounds at local hospitals.

Investigators tell WTVM Kaplan is not facing any charges because he was defending himself.

Kaplan describes the suspect as a black man in his 40s with some facial hair, admitting to detectives he didn't get a good look at him.

Police are investigating the incident as a criminal attempt armed robbery.

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