Will the Liberty Bell pool open?

HAMILTON, GA (WTVM) - Last summer the gates to a local historic landmark were locked, leaving the F. D. Roosevelt State Park Liberty Bell Pool empty and closed for business.

Georgia officials were forced to close the pool because the state parks system could not afford to upgrade the drainage system.

Pam Davis lives in Pine Mountain and has been giving swimming lessons at FDR Park's Liberty Bell Pool for years and is petitioning for it to be reopened, "The pool is a treasure and last year it had no water in it.  It was so sad when everybody drove by, tourists came and wanted to swim and it wasn't available and it just needs to be open."

Now, the drains have been replaced.

But, before water will be put in the pool, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) needs a concessionaire. That person will facilitate the entire operations of the pool, hire employees, and pay the power bill.

Tuesday night, Davis presented a new idea to Harris County commissioners.

"Recreation departments all over the state of Georgia run swimming pools.  And, it just really makes good sense for the recreation department on the county commissioners vote to provide a service to our community," says Davis.

Davis asked the commission to consider being the concessionaire.  They agreed to start talks about facilitating the pool.  County Manager, Danny Bridges, has already started researching what the job entails, but doesn't want to step on any toes, "I think we ought to be secondary to some person or private entity that may want to run it."  Bridges also said, "What we have to do is make sure that it's not a drain on the county for people who don't use it."

So far officials at the state park say they have not found anyone interested in running the pool.

If you are interested in being the commissioner, you can call the park office at 706-663-4858.

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