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Be There: Playing Store

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - When kids stay home from school they usually get bored, but one woman forced her granddaughter to get creative, and entertain herself. The result was a fun game of pretend that turned into a lesson.

It started as a sick day for Micah Willis, when she had a burst of energy and went to her grandmother.

Patricia Willis tells News Leader Nine, "She was telling me she was bored. I said, Micah, you can never be bored if you have your mind. You need to use it to create something."

So she began gathering toys and built a pretend store. Micah Willis, who is in first grade at St. Mary's Elementary School, explained, "You put a cover on the tent, then put the toy stuff under it."

Patricia tells us, "I came to the store and she said I had to have real money and I have to spend it. So I got a dollar and told her, you have to get me change. She said she didn't know how to give me change. And I asked her how are you going to have a store and not know how to give change. I told her she has to learn."

The two sat down and practiced the value of money and assigned prices to Micah's goods. Micah said, "I sell dolls and videos, and I sell games and candy. You have to buy something and when you're done buying you have to go to the cash register and pay the people."

The game helped Micah work on the math skills she was learning in school. Willis said, "At first it was just numbers on paper but making it tangible with actual money made a difference with her."

But Willis says that's not the only lesson her granddaughter learned with the game, "That shows her she can think independently, she can be creative and it also shows her things she learns in school can be used in everyday life."

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