Drugs, guns, and military vests recovered

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Muscogee County Sheriff's Deputies say they got more than they bargained for Tuesday night while serving a warrant.  19 weapons, three that were stolen, drugs and ballistic military vests were recovered from a North Columbus home.

Last night around 10 PM, two deputies were serving a warrant on William Jones.  They received consent to search the home and found Jones in the bedroom.  Three guns were in plain sight lying around him, but that was just the start of what they would find.

"They went further into their investigation instead of just being satisfied with finding 3 weapons. They expanded their search and wound up finding meth, along with the other weapons, and the military issued vests," says Lt. Steve Sikes, Muscogee County Sheriff's Dept.

Sheriff John Darr said this is the most guns he's ever recovered.

All 19 guns were loaded.  "We are very fortunate that this incident didn't turn bad in a hurry," says Sikes.

Ice, methamphetamine in its purest form, was also recovered. Marijuana and other drug related items were also taken from the home.  Deputies tell News Leader Nine ice is a very rare find in Columbus and is usually the sign of a meth maker. The monetary value of the drugs is estimated at almost $1,000.

Ft. Benning is checking to see if the vests were stolen from base.  Deputies believe that they were.  If stolen, federal charges will be filed against Jones.

Jones was in Recorder's Court Wednesday morning and his case was bound over to Superior Court.

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