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Tomato shortage in Columbus

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The price of tomatoes has gone up, almost tripling in price here in Columbus.   And mother nature is to blame. We've seen colder than normal temperatures, and Florida has too.

The sunshine state's tomato crops are a fraction of the size they used to be. That's why local restaurants and vendors are seeing a sizeable jump in their prices.

The extreme cold temperatures in Florida has wiped out 70 percent of tomatoes. That's where our winter vessel of tomatoes come from.  This has increased the prices of tomatoes significantly.  

 "Pretty much tripled in price over the last I'd say three weeks.  We're going from $45 to $50 a case when normally I'm paying just $15 to $20 dollars at the most," says Daniel McClain who manages Momma Goldberg's Deli. 

He says, "That's just an important part of menu my sandwiches come with tomatoes and I really don't want to sacrifice quality of my food."  McClain is hoping the price will go back to normal soon.

Unripe and pricey tomatoes from Florida means hard times for people selling produce in Columbus.  Tomatoes crates have been full lately. 

David Bone, owner of Bi-City Produce says, "They are cutting back cause the price is so high.  Some of them pulled it off the menu."

Some fast food restaurants don't serve tomatoes on your sandwiches anymore unless you request a slice of tomatoes. 

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