Ft. Benning to unveil new T-11 parachute

Press Release

FORT BENNING, GA – Col. Jon Ring, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment commander, will be among the first paratroopers jumping with the Army's new T-11 parachute at 11 a.m. March 15.

The new T-11 parachute will become the official parachute of the U.S. Army Airborne School. Students currently in Airborne School will conduct the first official jump with the T-11 parachute as part of their three-week training course. The students conducted all training in the first two weeks with the T-11 to fully prepare them for their jumps.

The T-11 parachute will be replacing the T-10 parachute, which was designed in the 1950's. The average paratrooper at that time, wearing all of their combat gear, weighed less than 300 pounds.

 In today's battlefield, the weight of a paratrooper wearing the average combat load has increased to more more than 400 pounds. The new parachute has been modified according to the change in today's military fighting force.

The T-11 reduces a paratrooper's landing impact by 49 percent, and this reduction is expected to significantly reduce jump-related injuries. The total weight of the parachute is 52 pounds and was designed to improve fit and comfort.

Source: Fort Benning Office of Public Affairs