Pitt bull attacked a 6-year-old girl

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A pitt bull attack off Danbury Drive Thursday evening has  left a 6-year-old girl badly hurt.  The girl's parents are planning to file charges against the dog's owner.

"He was on a chain and he had came up and bit me," says Destiny Joseph.

That's how 6-year-old remembers yesterdays terrible ordeal.

"When I had grabbed him and I was coming back the other dog had grabbed my shirt."

It all happened Thursday evening when the Josephs' dog ran out of their gate and Destiny ran after him.  According to Destiny's father, as soon as Destiny grabbed her dog, the neighbor's pitt bull attacked her.

Chad Dalton says, "The dog grabbed her by the back of the shirt and pulled her down and bit her."

That's when another neighbor saw what was happening and got involved.

Dalton says, "The neighbor up the street from me, she grabbed the dog off of my little girl."
Destiny was bit six times on her head and face.  She was taken to the hospital and later released.

The pitt bull was taken by Animal Enforcement and is being quarantined for 10 days, to figure out if the dog has rabies.  According to Gary Stickles the Josephs' were also at fault.

Stickles says, "The family of the victim was cited for the dog being unattended."

And today the owners of the pitt bull that bit Destiny are also being cited.

"The dog that bit the child, that party will be cited today for biting dog and other issues once the investigation is done," says Stickles.

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