LaGrange marches for murder victim Matthew Piper

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

LAGRANGE, GA (WTVM) -  It was cold and raining, but family, friends and community members still came out to march this morning in honor of Matthew Piper.

Today would have been Matthew's 22nd Birthday.

Two years ago while walking home with a pizza for his grandmother; Matthew Piper was shot with a bullet that took his life.

Although it happened on a street filled with neighbors, there have been no strong eyewitness accounts that have led to an arrest.

The march was held on Mitchell Avenue, where Matthew was killed, and it ended with prayers at the spot where his life was taken.

The responses from the LaGrange community have left family in awe, Matthew's sister Amberose Piper said, "it makes me happy to know how many people cared and how many people were in his life and it just makes me happy he changed their lives too."

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