Free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With recent house fires in the area, and a report of people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning -- the Georgia Insurance Commissioner is trying to keep families safe at no charge to you.

Columbus Deputy Fire Chief Greg Lang explained the idea behind "Operation Safe Home", "This is something the commissioner does on an annual basis, comes around to various cities throughout the state issuing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to help residents in this area."

Georgia Insurance and Safety Commissioner John Oxendine wants to make sure people take every measure possible to keep their families safe, "The smoke detectors should be outside every bedroom in the hallways, also the carbon monoxide detector as well. Carbon monoxide detectors are important because carbon monoxide is a silent gas, a silent killer."

"If you have natural gas in your home and a burner goes bad, it can build up," Lang told News Leader Nine.

So they are handing out 12 smoke detectors and 12 carbon monoxide detectors for residents to put in their homes. Oxendine said, "If you can afford one we want you to buy one, but in these difficult economic times there are some people that cannot afford them and we want to make sure everyone has one. And make sure a few dollars doesn't keep someone's home from being safe."

Along with setting all your clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time and checking the batteries in your detectors, John Oxendine reminds you to practice another habit, "We send our kids to school and they do fire drills at school. Kids don't die in school fires, they die in house fires. So if you didn't do a family fire drill this weekend, please do one tonight."

If you would like to apply for one of the free smoke or carbon monoxide detectors you can call the Columbus Fire Department at (706)653-3520.

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