Honoring local heroes

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL  (WTVM) - Heroes are honored tonight.  Deputies are given medals of honor, a year and a half after a shootout leaves one of their comrades injured.

"These men risked their life for me," says Sgt.. Shannon Rollins.

That's how Sgt.. Shannon Rollins remembers that horrendous day. "I was hit with a three inch magnum slug.  The slug went through my vest my abdomen," Rollins says.

It all happened September twenty-first 2008 when Sgt.. Rollins responded to a frantic 911 call.  Rollins was the first deputy on the scene.  As he was getting out of his car, Noah White came out from behind the car and shot Rollins in the stomach...White found guilty recently.

"Damaged nerves of my leg when I hit the ground I was immobile I could not get up," says Rollins.

That's when Rollins' fellow deputies protected their comrade and shot back.  Today, those deputies are presented with a medal of honor.   Sheriff Sid Lockhart says It's often a thankless job.

"You never know when these deputies put these uniforms on to go to work you never know if you're going to return home," says Sheriff Sid Lockhart.

Lockhart says, they need to revaluate their training and equipment to prevent this from happening again.

As for Rollins, he's beyond grateful to these brave men.