Healthy Eating Habits: March is National Nutrition Month

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - March is National Nutrition Month.  The theme is "Nutrition from the ground up."  The American Dietetic Association is focusing on families and giving them ways to improve their eating habits.

Some tips include, adding a serving each day to one meal and increasing it every few weeks, eat locally when you can and visit a farmer's market which makes for a fun family outing. Let the kids pick out some new foods to try.  Make calories count by including some vitamins and nutrients. Also, test your taste buds and mix it up by adding new foods to your meals and snacks.  Treat yourself, healthfully. Eat when you're hungry. If you're craving something sweet, indulge; there are ways to do it without loading up on junk, according to the ADA.

Local fitness trainer, Trina Hill, adds a plethora of tips for eating healthy to include children and adults.  "It's so important to count your calories…for example, these two cereals, Frosted Flakes and Fiber One.  Just looking on the label you would think Frosted Flakes is less in calories…Wrong!  You must look at the amount of sugar per serving.

Hill also strongly recommends water over sodas.  One can of Pepsi has120 calories. If you drink one with your meal, another one with a snack and two more before bed, you've consumed a large amount in just drinks without counting the calories in your food.  So, I say eat your calories not drink them.

Fruits and vegetables are the way to go. "The more clean foods you eat the more lean you will be, says Hill."

"Kids should eat small portions and let them start with their vegetables first before eating the meats and carbohydrates.  They will get full, but their intake will be mostly fruits and veggies."

As you change your eating habits, Hill suggests that you do it in moderation to become a healthier you. 

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