AL auto company remarks on obtaining Nissan dealership

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – After months of bankruptcy hearings, a deal recently became final for a Columbus Nissan dealership.

S.E. Columbus Automotive is now the owner of the recently bankrupt Rob Doll dealership located in north Columbus.

"Nissan is a premier import manufacturer and I am honored to be able to add Nissan to my dealership group. I am excited to have this opportunity and, at the same time, I am humbled that Nissan chose to appoint me as the owner of their new dealer point. I feel that we will bring to Columbus the same level of customer satisfaction that we have brought to our other stores and look forward to working with the residents of Columbus and becoming an integral part of the Columbus community", said Owner, Shawn Esfahani.

Executives with the Nissan Motor Company recently decided to appointed,  Alabama-based, S.E. Automotive to take over the Whittlesy Boulevard location their own company to the dealership.

Previous owner Rob Doll has until April 5th to close the property and avoid complications.

"We have had a string of good fortune and success at my Toyota, Hyundai and Kia stores and I am proud of that.  But it comes with hard work, dedication and a concentrated focus on customer satisfaction and that is exactly what I am looking to provide to the good people of Columbus," said Esfahani , "And, in today's economy, I look forward to being able to provide new jobs for the Columbus market when the new Nissan store opens."

We're told the Nissan store will open later this year. 

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