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Be There: Water Works

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - In this week's "Be There" moment we find out how one child's chores around the house eventually helped his grades in school.

When one student at Marshall Middle School started struggling in science, his mother related his class work to some of the things he was doing around the house. It helped his grades and created a teachable moment anyone can use.

"At mid-term he brought home a grade of 79 and I flipped and I said we have to do something about this," Nadine Moore told News Leader Nine.

That's when an opportunity presented itself. The Moore family's shower was on the fritz and needed repairing.

Osceola Moore, an 8th grade student at Marshall Middle School, said, "I got the tools, went in there and started taking it apart then when I took it apart all the hot water started flying everywhere in the bath tub. I closed the door, got the key and ran outside to the meter and turned it off."

His mother Nadine was proud that her son thought quick on his feet, and took the opportunity to apply the exercise to what he was learning in school, "We went over it and finally it's like a light turned on. He had to take everything in the chapters he'd done and associate it with something he'd done in this house."

Osceola explained, "I was using mechanical energy on the key to turn it off. I was causing potential energy because it wasn't allowing the water to flow through. When I turned the water back on, it causes kinetic energy because water flowed through the house."

Nadine Moore added, "Once he did that, his science grade went up and he claims he's the best science student at Marshall."

The Moore family has also used painting the house, paying bills and even reading the electricity meter to help with science homework.

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