Home daycare fire heroes honored

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Heroes are honored Thursday night in Columbus at a banquet for West Georgia EMS workers.  Special recognition went to the firefighters who pulled several children from the home daycare fire last month.

Dana Richardson's son, Mikey, died in the fire.  Richardson has been looking for the fireman that pulled her son out of the house.  Thursday night she met him.

"All of these emotions that I felt the day everything happened, they just all came back and he hugged me and squeezed me as tight as I held him.  And, we just cried and we let go for a second and we grabbed each other again and it was good to meet him," explained Richardson.

For the firefighters, it's the same feeling.  James Bloodworth is one of the Columbus firefighters that worked the daycare fire and he said the banquet was a welcome surprise, "I can't express to them how much that means, a parent coming and saying thank you, it's not often in our line of work."

Many of those that worked the home daycare fire say this case was special and have kept in contact with the parents of the four children that were burned.

Firefighter Bloodworth is keeping close tabs on Josiah Streeter, the baby still in the hospital.  "I talked to his dad last night.  He said he opened his eyes for the first time and squeezed his finger when he saw him. I'm real anxious for him to get out too."

Parents of those children caught in the fire can barely put into words what these heroes mean to them.

Shannon Sullivan's son C.J. has been released from the Augusta burn center and she can't say thank you enough, "Thank you, thank you so much for saving my child and for responding when I didn't have a clue what was going on."

"It's not their training that takes them into those burning houses, it's their hearts," says Richardson.

Josiah Streeter is still in the hospital in Augusta.  His father tells News Leader Nine he is improving and is off the ventilator.  He also said Josiah is finally beginning to recognize his parents.

C.J. Sullivan and John Thompson are out of the hospital and although their parents have to keep close watch on them.

EMS workers honored Thursday night came from 13 counties in the West Georgia region.

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