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Gas prices reach 2 year high

By Laura Ann Sills - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - 90 cents higher than last year, 20 cents higher than last month, these are increasing gas prices drivers are facing today.

Jason Toews is the co-founder of and he says these trends are similar to the past, "Gas prices normally increase in the spring.  Gas prices have not been this high since October of 2008."

But, compared to two years ago when gas was at $4.00/gallon, the expert says most people do not care.

"The price of gas doesn't really scare anyone anymore," says Toews.

Most of the drivers WTVM caught up with at the pump on Friday disagreed.

"It's just too high, I've seen another gas station was $2.71 and it looks like its just climbing and climbing," says Meyaco Fitzpatrick.

Another frustrated driver, Bill Buchanan, says, "It puts a pinch on my wallet, it seems like every time during the summer it always takes a bite out of you."

A few drivers said they were starting to see prices at the pump level off. Lindsey Saef says, "It's pretty decent because the past couple of months it's been in between $2.50 and $2.80, so at least it's not $4.00 like it was last year." Maurice Martin agrees that so far this year the prices have been bearable, "anything not over $3.00 is pretty reasonable, I think."

Reasonable or ridiculous, drivers should prepare for prices to spike even higher between now and Memorial Day.  Experts say for no other reason than "because they always do."

Advice from's co-founder: "If you're traveling this spring, shop around because deals are out there.  Even in Columbus right now its lowest price is $2.65 and highest $2.74, so it pays to pay attention."

Martin says he has always followed this advice, "I have to price shop for gas, just like you would anything else."

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