Georgia DOT Board Pledges 19 Million to Local Assistance Road Program

Press Release

ATLANTA—The State Transportation Board today approved the award of more than 19 million dollars to the Local Assistance Road Program (LARP) for April.

Georgia DOT's assistance for local government streets and roads is provided primarily through two programs. LARP is designated exclusively for resurfacing, and State Aid, which allows cities and counties to use money for road or bridge work.

"We committed these funds to support our local counties and governments as they work to improve their roads and bridges for their constituents," State Transportation Board Chairman, Bill Kuhlke, Jr. said. "This funding commitment proves that we are standing in true partnership with them, especially during these difficult economic times."

The Georgia Department of Transportation has distributed nearly 100 million dollars in combined stimulus and regular off-system program funds to LARP from October through April 2010. By the close of fiscal year 2010, Georgia DOT will have released 135 million dollars to the LARP and State Aid program; a considerable increase in comparison to fiscal year 2009.

"Hundreds of local roads throughout the entire state are being resurfaced because of our commitment," said Georgia DOT Commissioner Vance C. Smith Jr. "With 35 million dollars dedicated to accumulating projects, we are only now beginning to address the backlog of previous commitments under the State Aid Program."

Source: Georgia Dept. of Transportation