Workers prep months for Will Graham celebration

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - 214 area churches come together to hear a word from Will Graham, Grandson of famed evangelist Billy Graham. Two years ago, pastors from all denominations came together to invite Will to speak in the Auburn/ Opelika area.

The event was so big, Will Graham's team had to set up an office and hire local people to help.

And although they were happy to employ the few, hundreds of church members volunteered, John Cass, director of the Will Graham Celebration said, "I want to say 26 hundred people volunteered that have gone through some training, we have about 900 of those signed to be counselors that will stand beside those that come forward each night about 150 ushers so we have a lot of volunteers. It's built on a lot of volunteers."

Every detail of Friday night's celebration was carefully mapped out, from lighting, to television screens, to the bands performing.

The director of the crusades for the Billy Graham Evangelist Association, Jeff Anderson, said the technical supplies were important so the audience could hear clearly and that the musicians chosen to perform had to connect to the viewers."We had to ask what are young people and what are middle aged people here in this part of country listening too?  It related to style in music because it needs to be appropriate."

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