Teen stabbed at Hollywood Connection

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A well-known family destination in Columbus was the scene of a Saturday night stabbing.

Last February, Columbus Police had to break up a brawl between several juveniles at Hollywood Connection. Two weeks ago, a dozen kids were robbed while leaving the business, and Saturday night a 16-year-old Phenix City, AL teen was stabbed at the theater.

Three different incidents, all involving juveniles, violence and Hollywood Connection.

The latest report of a teen stabbing another teen at the Columbus theater makes several parents uneasy.

"It makes me feel very scared if my child wants to go back up there I would either be with her the whole time or she just won't go," Tammy Strawder tells us her 13-year-old daughter was actually part of the group of children that were attacked two weeks ago at Hollywood Connection.

Strawder recalled, "It's a call no parent ever wants to get. It's a horrible feeling to know your child is on the other end of the phone screaming bloody murder and you can't calm them down to see what's going on."

She says the business claims to have security, but with recent acts of violence, she says it just isn't working, "I want Hollywood Connection to revamp their security system and take responsibility and try to protect these children better than what they're doing."

The company's general manager spoke to us over the phone but said he does not wish to comment on any of the cases. He maintains none of them took place inside the facility.

The suspect, a 16-year-old, is being held in the juvenile detention facility. Columbus Police tell us the victim is in stable condition at the Columbus Medical Center.

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