Last minute tax tips

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We're just 16 days away from the tax deadline and if you haven't filed yet, we have some helpful tips for you. News Leader Nine sat down with Georgia's IRS Spokesperson, Mark Green, for a last minute guide to getting your taxes done.

Green said, "With these closing hours, now is the time to go ahead and file your tax return and the options are paper or electronic."

Mark Green says a lot of people choose to file by mail, but using websites and online filing makes the job easier, "It's fast, safe, accurate and cuts down on errors. If there is a question or mistake it automatically prompts you and notifies you in minutes versus weeks or months with the paper method."

And so far the IRS has seen a lot of people taking advantage of the e-file option.

"Four million returns we anticipate Georgians will file this year and thus far 2.2 million returns have been filed. A lot of that was through the website," Green explained.

Green says preparation is key before you sit down to take on the big task, "The hardest part of filing a return is gathering documents, but filing a tax return on April 15th, if you forget documents you'll still meet the obligation by that due date."

So no matter how you prepare this year, the most important thing is to just get it done.

Green added, "Rule of thumb is relax. You still have time but the most important thing to remember is April 15th by midnight file something -- extension of your tax return."

For more tips or last minute answers for preparing your taxes, you can visit or call their toll free number 1-800-829-1040.

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