Gov. Riley Signs Meth Bill


MONTGOMERY – Governor Bob Riley on Tuesday signed into law a bill that will help Alabama's fight against meth.

The new law creates an electronic database so law enforcement can quickly track excessive purchases of psuedoephedrine, the chief ingredient used in the manufacture of meth.

The electronic database modernizes logs that are already kept on paper, making it possible to restrict excessive purchases of psuedoephedrine and provide instant tracking for law enforcement.

The new law creates a database in which every pharmacy or retailer selling ephedrine or pseudoephedrine products would be required to enter the purchaser's identifying information into an electronic database prior to any sale.

The database would then notify the seller if the purchaser had exceeded his or her daily or monthly limit for such purchases. Information in the database would be shared with law enforcement agencies.

"We have an opportunity with this new law to reduce the number of meth labs in Alabama and the number of Alabamians who are their victims," said Governor Riley.  "Our local law enforcement agencies tell us that in some Alabama counties, meth plays a role in almost every crime."

Governor Riley thanked the sponsors of the new law, Representative Frank McDaniel and Senator Lowell Barron, for their continued efforts to help law enforcement battle meth in Alabama.  The new law also has the support of the state's district attorneys and the Alabama Retail Association.