Benning Technology Park

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A foundation through Columbus State University is helping to build a technology park to serve our entire region.

It all goes back to 1975 when CSU acquired land from the surplus property act from the military.  After 30 years of just using a portion of it for Biology class experiments, CSU President, Dr. Timothy Mescon wants to put this land to better use.    

"We are now thinking we have the right formula in partnership to pursue the development of this property," says Mescon. 

He believes the development could bring up to 2500 jobs in the future in IT development.
Dr. Mescon says it's all about attracting military defense contractors and helping create programs with the university in the future.  

"We are excited about launching this initiative, it's all about world class development adjacent to a world class instillation Fort Benning," says Mescon. 

174 acres of land, 80 of which will be developed by John Flournoy, a Columbus developer.  He plans to build state of the art office buildings and educational facilities.  

"They will ultimately want to have a nice educational facility there which is also part of the incentive for some of these tech companies."

The huge chunk of land is in a prime location, on and around Fort Benning, between Highway 27 and Interstate 185.  

"I think this is important for Columbus and very important for South Columbus."