2010 U.S. Census deadline

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Thursday is not only April Fool's Day, but it also marks the unofficial deadline to mail in your U.S. Census forms. Census officials are hoping residents are rushing to the mailbox to get the forms submitted.

It's an event that only comes once every ten years -- filling out the census form for your household. Residents can quickly answer ten questions and it could mean millions of dollars for your local communities.

It's a form that has been around since the 1790, asking residents to fill out a census so an accurate population count can be taken. But Georgia and Alabama residents are behind the curve.

Southwest Central Georgia Census Representative Gloria Strode told News Leader Nine, "The national average today is 52%, Florida has exceeded us at 51%, Alabama is at 50% and Georgia is at 47% so we aren't doing well right now. We're out now trying to get that final push to make sure people fill out forms and get them in today."

"The percentile is pretty low and we want to encourage people to fill out the forms and return them as soon as possible," added Reverend Clementine Warren, the Russell County, Alabama Census Spokesperson.

If you still haven't received your 2010 U.S. Census form in the mail, Rev. Warren says there are a few things you can do, "They can call the census office or go to the website at www.2010census.gov "

If the forms aren't in the mail today, trained numerators will hit the pavement, going door to door and encouraging everyone to fill one out.

Strode said, "The operations team is getting together their strategy and since today is the official census day, April 1st, starting next week in some areas they'll start knocking on doors."

"We'll address them, tell them what we're there for and if they need assistance in filling out the form we can assist them if they are comfortable with us doing it.," Rev. Warren added.

There is still time to get your census in the mail, but if you don't send it off by the end of the day, you could be hearing a knock at your door.

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