GA Senate passage of jobs House Bill 1023

Press Release:

ATLANTA, GA – Lt. Governor Casey Cagle released the following statement following the Senate's passage of H.B. 1023, the Jobs, Opportunity, Business and Success Act of 2010:

"The issue Georgians care most about today is simple: generating viable economic growth that will produce more jobs.  The legislation we passed today is a true private sector stimulus bill that will provide incentives for job creation and cut the capital gains tax in half.

"Not only will this legislation incentivize employers to hire Georgians who are currently out of work, but the tax credits and tax cuts provide real reform for businesses looking to expand.  It is my belief that real and lasting economic recovery occurs when every Georgian who needs a job has access to a job, and I will continue to engage in every way possible to attain that goal.

"I applaud the Senate for supporting reforms that will give Georgia a competitive advantage when it comes to creating jobs and attracting new business, and I look forward to the Governor's signature on this important pro-growth legislation."

Source: Office of the Lieutenant Governor