Warm weather brings out boaters, but is your boat ready?

April 2, 2010

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - With beautiful weather ahead, many people will be getting their boats out and hitting the lake for the first time this year.

"You're going to see an influx of boats that we haven't seen out here so far this year," said Marine Police Officer J.D. Nailer.

But is your boat sea worthy?

If not, it needs to be because an unsafe boat could cost you in the form of a ticket or more importantly, your safety.

Nailer said you have to know what equipment you should have like throw cushions, kill switches, and life preservers. It has to be the right type and the right kind.

And in Alabama, a license to operate your boat is also required, but you can't get one until you pass the test.

Officer Nailer said following simple rules will let you do more than have fun on the lake.

"We'll be out here this weekend making sure everyone has a safe time and make sure everyone goes home safe so they can do it again," said Nailer.

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