Auburn residents say traffic flow is an issue

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL  (WTVM) - The official results of Auburn's 2010 Citizen's survey was announced at the Auburn City Council meeting Tuesday night.

It found that 92% of residents were satisfied with the quality of the city's public school system. Ninety percent were satisfied with the quality of police, fire and ambulance services and 81% are satisfied with city parks programs and facilities.

The only problem citizen's saw with the city was the flow of traffic and maintenance of city streets and facilities, which mayor Bill Hamm says are now a top priority.

The mayor says his staff is working with Auburn University to improve lighting on Magnolia Street and working on the Donahue Bridge projects.

Auburn's survey results are significantly higher that the national average.

The city has been conducting these surveys for the last 20 years to track progress.

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