Doctor says honey could help allergies

By Nick Lough - bio | email

MUSCLE SHOALS (WAFF) - With pollen in the air and allergy season upon us, many are looking for instant relief. Could that sweet relief come in the form of honey?

T. Doss Kennamer has worked with bees most of his life.

"These particular bees right here I've had them here over thirty years," said Kennamer.

He says for the last few years there has been a lot of buzz behind his honey, not just because of the loud noise his bees make, but also because people think it has extraordinary healing power when it comes to curing allergies.

"I sell a lot of local honey. I sell all I can raise here because of people wanting to use it for that," said Kennamer.

Kennamer says it is an old wives tale he has heard for generations but Helen Keller Hospital's Dr. Gerald Crawford says there is some truth behind the tale because the bees naturally produce the honey.

Crawford says the honey helps the body build up a small tolerance, great in small doses but not for those constantly having to grab for the tissue. However he says the bees can't get to the root of the problem, and that's pollen.

"Its not the pollen that you that you see that causes the trouble its the pollen you can't see its these trees that are giving us this stuffy noses and runny noses," says Dr. Crawford.

Kennamer does not think his 30 hives are magical but he will continue to sell his honey and the healing power behind it if people continue to swarm for it the stores. But he gives one warning: his bees don't cure everything.

"Take a look at my finger and I've been stung thousands of times you see that crooked finger well I've got arthritis so bee stings don't cure arthritis," said Kennamer.

Kennamer says he looks after millions of bees in his hives and produces more than 130 gallons of locally made honey each year.

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