Be There: Making Music

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - When families share common interests, it can make the time together easier and sometimes more enjoyable.

News Leader Nine found out how one musically inclined family brings entertainment into the home.

The family we caught up with this week is made up of singers and musicians, and for them quality-time consists of creating songs and letting loose. Their "jam sessions" are also teaching the kids some important lessons along the way.

4th grade student at Blanchard Elementary School, Tarel Bussey told News Leader Nine, "I play drums, she sings, my mom joins in and I get a little crazy."

His mother Melissa Bussey explained, "My daughter loves to act and sing, my son loves to play music and I sing. So what we do together -- my son gets in his room and plays the drums, she'll sing to whatever he's playing and I come in with them and act crazy."

Tarel said, "Some songs are goofy, some are good and some are bad."

His sister Destiny Bussey, who is a 6th grade student at Midland Middle School, said, "I just think of some words and try to put it together with what my brother is playing."

"It's teaching them to bond and it's great quality time. It's learning them about the music world. Both of them accelerate in music at their schools," Melissa told News Leader Nine. "As they grow older, these are the things they'll remember as a family and maybe they'll pass it on to their children."

The son, Tarel, plays the drums and the daughter, Destiny, sings, but at school their mom tells us the daughter is actually in the band and her son is in choir. So everyone in the family is multi-talented.

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