Lee County uses new simulation training

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -  The Lee County Sheriff's Deputies are now using a new simulation program that puts the deputy in scenarios with real-life actors that they could face every day on their jobs.    Sheriff Jay Jones says, "it puts the officers in situations that they're like to encounter and it creates a stress situation.   It calls on them to use their experience and training and apply the correct procedures."

When the scenario is finished, the deputy can see where their bullets hit and watch a video of themselves, allowing them to see how closely they followed procedures -- teaching them what they did right and what they did wrong; " the idea is that once the scenario is over with we can replay that video of that deputy and a picture by picture for them and helps the deputy evaluate their own performance" says Todd Brown, Vice President of Ti Technology.

Sheriff Jones says this type of training is crucial to his team's success in the future, "one of the critical components in any law enforcement operation is training and this program is all about training our people to have the tools that need, the information that they need, and the skills they need to make the best decisions.

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