Hemophilia of GA announces 'Trot to Clot' walk

Press Release

MARIETTA, GA - Hemophilia of Georgia will host the inaugural Trot to Clot Hemophilia Walk on Saturday June 12, 2010 at East Cobb Park in Marietta, Georgia.

This fun, family-centered walk will raise money to fund programs and activities for people who have hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease, and other inherited bleeding disorders.

These disorders are very rare, life-long, and require extremely expensive medication that must be injected into a vein.  The agency hopes to raise $25,000 through the Trot to Clot Hemophilia Walk.

Recognizing that other people affected by bleeding disorders can be a great resource for information and support, Hemophilia of Georgia organizes educational programs and activities for individuals and families.

For some people, HoG events provide their only opportunity to meet others who are affected by the same bleeding disorder.  HoG events also provide education about healthy living, treatment advances and best practices, and advocacy.

  Teens who attend the annual Teen Retreat enjoy a weekend away focusing on developing leadership skills that they can apply now and in their future careers.  Families who attend Family Camp each Spring and Fall learn more about living with bleeding disorders and hear updates on the latest research.

According to Vic McCarty, Director of Development for Hemophilia of Georgia, "members of the community can help ensure that Hemophilia of Georgia can continue to fund programs to bring together clients from around the state for education, information sharing, and relationship-building by supporting the Trot to Clot Walk. 

This non-competitive, fun event is for people of all fitness levels.  The official walk route is twice around the 1.2 mile trail.  However, walkers are encouraged to go at their own pace and to walk as much or as little as is comfortable.  There is also a smaller track around the playground that is perfect for young families."

There are several opportunities for companies to support the Trot to Clot Hemophilia Walk by becoming Corporate Sponsors.  These companies will gain valuable recognition among the community, demonstrate their dedication to corporate philanthropy, and help provide much-needed funds. 

Information about corporate sponsorship levels and benefits is available at www.hog.org/walk.

Individuals who would like to create a team for the walk or join an existing team, or register as individual walkers should register at http://trot2clot.dojiggy.com.

The registration fee is $25 per person and each walker who raises at least $100 will receive a Trot to Clot Hemophilia Walk T-shirt.  People who are unable to participate during the walk are encouraged to make a donation to support the success of the walk.

Source: Hemophilia of Georgia