Columbus State Faculty Questions Leadership

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - The faculty at Columbus State University is getting a chance to tell the school's leadership what they really think.

A "confidence - no confidence" vote will be held next week for both President Dr. Mescon and Provost Dr. Levi.

Columbus State faculty senate director Dr. Susan Hrach explained it this way, "Faculty at CSU, I think, feel like they are passengers in a car that is being driven by someone who likes to go really fast and change lanes without putting on a turn signal. And then says, 'we are on the highway now, everyone drives this way out here.'"

But, she told us, many professors are particularly alarmed by several events from last year - the restructuring of colleges, the library placement within the university, and the tenure evaluation process.

Dr. Hrach said one of the biggest problems was the development of the University's strategic plan.  "It was not the kind of dialogue that faculty, I think, were expecting to be able to have in terms of contributing to the plan for the University for the next couple of years," said Hrach.

All full-time CSU employees will be able to vote. The votes will be tallied by a local attorney.

But, what will a lack of confidence vote mean for the two administrators?  Hrach explained that she hopes it will be a wake-up call for the administration.  "The vote does not have any pre-determined outcome, there is nothing that will or will not happen after the results," she said. 

The Board of Regents also told News Leader Nine that the vote has no binding effect on their decision.  Hrach hopes the vote will bring a sense of community to the college.

Dr. Mescon would not speak with us on the vote.